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no one embodies the spirit of innovation and experimentation more evidently than Anoushka Shankar.


- Nitin Sawhney 2013


Royal Festival Hall, Alchemy Festival, "Traces of You"

QuoteI would like her concert to be played out before the United Nations assembly where peace scholars and national diplomats gather. I would like her concert to be broadcasted on the BBC to show us that there is much more to India than the poverty stories that pre-occupy documentary films. I would like her song, Jyoti to be played out in any part of the world, every time a rape-story hits the news. I would like her music to be seen as the force that opposes neocolonialism: the latter exploits the resources and people of the other countries, whereas her music brings together musicians from different countries to play a touching harmony, whilst being firmly rooted in individual dignity. Finally, I would like her concert to be staged in the UK more frequentlyQuote

Huffington Post - 27/05/2014

Royal Festival Hall, Alchemy Festival, "Traces of You"

QuoteThe ambitious textural structures and intricate percussion flows together beautifully, at times shuddering, shifting and rotating like leftfield electronic. In Jyoti’s Name is dutifully impactful, centred around glittering, locked-in sitar cycles with the shehnai and percussion rising to prominence. It is followed by Flight, the soft shimmers of the hang and the wordless emoting of Shankar’s sitar combining to help project a sacred beauty, arguably the most poignant moment of the night…. It’s a testament to her strength and talent as a composer and realiser of ideas. With dazzling live shows like this she has proved she’s capable of leaving lasting, powerful impressions of her ownQuote

OMH - 27/05/2014

Royal Festival Hall, Alchemy Festival, "Traces of You"

QuoteThe variety of expressive device available to Shankar is now remarkable, her incorporation of occidental elements in her music – and sometimes their overshadowing of the Indian ones – always precisely calibrated. The final standing ovation was wholly deserved. Her own virtuosity on her own instrument, the sitar, is no less remarkable. If there was one complaint, it was that we did not hear more of her. But it is clear she is on a musical voyage of discovery, energetically sampling, assimilating and co-creating with other types of World music to find her own voice. The journey, in her case, is fascinating at every momentQuote

Seen and Heard International - 25/05/2014

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra/Mehta: Ravi SHANKAR Sitar Concerto No. 2

QuoteSoloist Anoushka Shankar, the composer’s daughter, captivated the audience by uncommonly subtle microtonal nuances and also, toward the end of the third and fourth movements, by displaying formidable virtuosic skill. At the end, the audience even forgot its stereotype mechanical rhythmic clapping custom, and broke out in genuinely spontaneous, enthusiastic applauseQuote

Jerusalem Post - 01/04/2013

CD Review: Ravi SHANKAR Symphony

QuoteRavi Shankar’s daughter, Anoushka, an accomplished performer across an eclectic range of music, performs with her accustomed charm, aplomb and panacheQuote

Classical Music - 04/10/2012

London Philharmonic Orchestra/Murphy: Ravi SHANKAR Sitar Symphony World Premiere

QuoteAnoushka Shankar’s sitar playing introduced a joyous element of dialogue. Sensitive to every harmonic and rhythmic transition, her musicality – even within a relatively unfamiliar idiom – was overwhelmingly evident, bringing humour, humanity and a beautifully uncomplicated directness to proceedingsQuote

The Arts - 01/07/2010

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