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...intelligent virtuosity and youthful fire...


- The Guardian


Sydney Symphony Orchestra / Harth-Bedoya: SAINT-SAËNS Piano Concerto No 2

QuoteIn the opening movement, aoloist Vadym Kholodenko’s graceful sense of line and incisive clarity conveyed its Bachian gravitas. In the two faster movements, his scintillating dexterity, delicate filigree passagework and rhythmic acuity realised their flamboyant virtuosity with charm and elanQuote

The Australian - 13/11/2015

Sydney Symphony Orchestra / Harth-Bedoya: SAINT-SAËNS Piano Concerto No 2

Quotea performance of steely brilliance and polished projectionQuote

Sydney Morning Herald - 12/11/2015

Fort Worth Symphony/ Harth-Bedoya: PROKOFIEV Piano Concerto No.1

QuoteKholodenko had the virtuosity, power and flair for the concertos and a dreamy beauty for the slow movement of the First.Quote

The Dallas Morning News - 25/10/2015

Eugene Symphony Orchestra / Harth-Bedoya: GINASTERA Piano Concerto No 1

QuoteVadym Kholodenko, 29-year-old pianist, winner of the 2013 Van Cliburn competition, tackled this fiendishly difficult work with confidence and élan….In the second movement — a “Hallucinatory Scherzo” — the soloist’s fingers dart up and down the keyboard to deliver a quiet but rapid-fire series of disjunct semiquavers; the Ukrainian-born pianist negotiated these passages with astonishing precision and pellucid clarityQuote

The Register-Guard - 18/10/2015

CD Recording Harmonia Mundi, Norwegian Radio Orchestra / Harth-Bedoya: GRIEG Piano Concerto, SAINT-SAENS Piano Concerto No 2

QuoteFor a truly outstanding recording of the Grieg, turn to Vadym Kholodenko, Miguel Harth-Bedoya and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, …alongside a pianist who allows the big tunes to breathe, knows exactly how to shape each movement and yet injects the urgency of a live performance into proceedings. The slow movement is as moving as any I’ve heard…This is good but the companion piece, Saint-Saëns’s Second Concerto, is even better; perhaps the most consistently accurately observed reading on discQuote

Gramophone, Editor's Choice - 01/09/2015

CD Recording Harmonia Mundi, Norwegian Radio Orchestra / Harth-Bedoya: GRIEG Piano Concerto, SAINT-SAENS Piano Concerto No 2

QuoteVadym Kholodenko…plays with intelligent virtuosity and youthful fire. The first movement of the Saint-Saëns jumps off the page, while his deliciously delicate handling of the central allegro scherzando is irresistibleQuote

The Guardian - 02/08/2015

Kansas City Symphony Orchestra / Michael Stern: TCHAIKOVSKY Piano Concerto No 1

QuoteThe demanding piece was, as expected, forceful and lavish, but it was Kholodenko’s playfulness that brought a renewed level of delight to this familiar work, commanding applause after the first movement, multiple curtain calls at the work’s conclusion, and another prolonged ovation after his encore…He brought forth an array of characters, attaching different attitudes to the sequencing lines and captivating cadenzasQuote

The Kansas City Star - 20/06/2015

RTVE Symphony Orchestra Madrid / Harth-Bedoya: BEETHOVEN Piano Concerto No 4

QuoteKholodenko drew us in with compelling playing, contrasting the quiet with the thrillingly turbulent, no more so than in his exciting cadenza in the first movement. The strength of this performance lay in the contrasts made, exemplified by the angry unison strings in the second movement, defied by Kholodenko's determination to play lyrically and calmly. The effect was like hearing a devastatingly sad story told in an eloquent way to make us sit up and listenQuote

Bachtrack - 11/05/2015

Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra / Harth-Bedoya: PROKOFIEV Piano Concerto No 5

QuoteBoth [Kholodenko’s] astounding technique and superior musicianship was on full display in the performance of Prokofiev’s fifth piano concerto… Kholodenko’s control of the piano is another one of the aspects of his playing that sets him apart. He is able to get an immense sound without overplaying the abilities of the instrument. The precision of his technique allows him to play quick passages with minimal pedal, clarifying music that is more usually foggedQuote

Theatre Jones - 30/03/2015

Boston Celebrity Recital Series

QuoteIn an array of Debussy miniatures on the second half, Kholodenko produced a prismatic array of colors…In “Children’s Corner,” his tone was a miracle of floating refinementQuote

The Boston Globe - 31/10/2014

Omaha Symphony Orchestra/ Wilkins: TCHAIKOVSKY Piano Concerto No 1

QuoteVadym Kholodenko [gave] a deftly dazzling performance of [Tchaikovsky’s] First Piano Concerto Quote - 08/03/2014

Portland Piano International Recital

QuoteAn astonishingly gifted player with transparent tone and supremely fine touch, [Kholodenko] gave an enthralling performance of an all-Rachmaninoff program that combined nuanced shadings, brooding intensity, dazzling virtuosity and bone-dry wit.Quote

The Oregonian - 03/02/14

Portland Piano International Recital

Quote… each sound layer was carefully contained within its own dynamic range creating a sense of vast space inhabited by a single person.Quote

Oregon Artswatch - 05/02/14

Greenville Symphony Orchestra / Tchivzel: TCHAIKOVSKY Piano Concerto No 1

QuotePianist Vadym Kholodenko brought a combination of delicacy and fire to his dazzling performance of Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto in a concert with the Greenville Symphony on Saturday night… [He] offered a bold, powerful interpretation of this most popular of concertos. Quote

Greenville online - 26/01/14

Forth Worth Recital

Quote…the 27-year-old Ukrainian pianist Vadym Kholodenko put on a pretty amazing display of virtuosity — and, not a virtue inevitably linked, musical depth.Quote

Dallas News - 10/09/14

Philadelphia Orchestra / Macelaru: TCHAIKOVSKY Piano Concerto No 1

Quote…with Kholodenko, the instrument, and the concerto, showed refreshing vitality, showcasing a thoughtful and enterprising talent… He found absorbing melodic shadings, glittering passage work, and a sense of sound that erased any fears about the stereotype of the competition winner…The focus of the melodic line, the care with which single notes were placed in the long phrases, and the nuanced color throughout showed a potent mind at work. Bold virtuosity elsewhere sounded celebratory, not self-justifying, and brought the audience to its feet. Kholodenko played an encore in a different mood. In Tchaikovsky's "Russian Lullaby," he showed the grandeur of soft playing, shaded colors, and the power of simple, carefully expressed melodies. The hush that greeted the final notes probably rewarded the soloist as much as the tumult after the concerto.Quote

The Philadelphia Enquirer - 04/08/13

Van Cliburn Competition 2013

QuoteVadym Kholodenko spins pure gold from his performances at the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition XIV, his Liszt and Stravinsky poetically mesmerizing…the poet Kholodenko reveals himself in the F Major Paysage, an ardent tribute to the landscape of late Romantic and Impressionist painters. Perhaps not since Moritz Rosenthal, Gyorgy Cziffra, Lazar Berman, and Jorge Bolet have we encountered the pianistic titan who swallows Mazeppa (after Victor Hugo) in the one gulp with which Kholodenko consumes its heroic d minor convulsions, nostalgic reminiscences, and chromatic variations. Quote

Audiophile Audition - 24/11/13

Van Cliburn Competition 2013

QuoteKholodenko, with his masterful playing astonished us with the power and beauty of this playing…we were hearing transcendental pianistic performances that demonstrated technical mastery of the highest order, plus superb musicianship that gave these performances a sense of inevitability… This was a performance you wanted to hear over and over again…Quote

Peninsula Reviews - 07/10/13

Van Cliburn Competition 2013

QuoteVadym Kholodenko is a pianist who at the age of 27 already possesses both extraordinary technical skill and great musical understanding.Quote

Culture Spot LA - 14/09/13

Van Cliburn Competition 2013

QuoteIn Kholodenko, we see a finished artist at the beginning of what will surely be a major career. All of the requisite technique is in place and on a level that makes him stand out in a generation of technically proficient pianists.Quote

Theater Jones - 11/09/13

Van Cliburn Competition 2013

Quote…Gold medallist Kholodenko… lent just the right primitive character to the folk ballet music [in Petrushka]. His ending was so explosive that it seemed to startle even himself – one of the more endearing moments of the competition…Quote

New York Concert Review - 08/07/13

Van Cliburn Competition 2013

QuoteHis performance of the Prokofiev Third Piano Concerto was a strong, passionate look at the composer’s music… Kholodenko found the romantic core of the piece as well as its power and gave a wonderfully finished performance.Quote

Fort Worth Weekly - 12/06/13

Van Cliburn Competition 2013

QuoteHe [Kholodenko] appears poised for a big career; he was a clear front-runner in the finals, and his performance of Prokofiev’s Concerto no. 3 in C major was the best I’ve ever heard of this popular work.Quote

Bachtrack - 11/06/13

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